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I have returned.

Killin' it.

After a day of feeling quite sorry for myself, it seems that my body has mostly repaired the damage. Still a dull ache, but nothing like the agony I felt this morning.

No phone. Ninja-poastie managed to evade my door-watching self and got away with leaving me a card instead. Can't decide whether he or she is a legend or a complete and utter bastard.
Right, so, I've been updating my My Fitness Pal page on a daily basis to keep track of my food intake and exercise. I've drawn up a meal plan and exercise plan and I bloody well hope that, by summer, I'll be able to brave the clubs in latex and tiny, uncomfortable dresses.


So, I am in London.

First pub crawl of the week: complete. My liver is screaming at me and my brain feels like a million small animals died in it.

I've had to abandon all my plans for today. I've only JUST recovered from last night's bender, so I will have to come and see you guys tomorrow or anytime afterwards.


Blimey, all those cobwebs.

Is anybody still out there?

(this post is sponsored by the miracle that was remembering my password for this account)


Not bad so far!

I've invested some of my savings into a 4 year fixed rate ISA with Nationwide. I managed to do this just before the closing date for 09, meaning I can invest another 3.6k after April.

I still don't live in Manchseter. For now, the only bonus to this is that I am earning and saving more cash. Annoying, but I'm determined not to quit just yet.

Wacken tickets are booked. Bloodstock tickets will be booked shortly. I have the holiday allowance for about two other festivals..

warlockuk is still awesome. Love you!

So how is everyone?

Grim and frostbitten

It's that time of year again. The time of year when fleece, long gloves and bigger boots are the only thing keeping me from frostbite at work. Good times we have.

Work are STILL FUCKING UP my transfer to Manchester, or more precisely they are just ignoring it. Hiring temps in every store is unfortunately WAAAAY cheaper than hiring me. Cunts. I will soon be starting a campaign of harassment, both at HR and every Manchester HMV. My last hope is that if I annoy them enough, they will have no choice but to shut me up by giving me a job.

Everything else, however, is good. Paul is the best boyfriend anyone could ever want, so I am blissfully happy in that department. I spend my few days off travelling to see him (thanks, HMV) meaning that I have little or no time to be social in London. This sucks, for the most part, and I miss every single one of you.

My keyboards are still gathering dust, but for the first time I can say that I am actually happy not to be playing anymore. Cutting out band work has saved me a whole lot of money in travel and studio/equipment costs! I've cleared my debt and I have savings. Woo!

Till next time...


Paul and I will have been together for one year as of monday.

Still very very happy and very very metal.


Festivals for next year:

Wacken is looking like a waste of time. Where are all the awesome, extreme metal bands going?

To these, probably:








I am to go to as many of these as possible! For 130 Euros, Wacken can fuck off next year unless they can SERIOUSLY redeem themselves.



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